HMO Management
North West

We specialise in making life easy for Landlords.

At PJKAY Properties we offer high quality HMO services and excellent building management. Our goal is to ensure landlords have a hassle free experience. We take care of everything from finding tenants to property maintenance allowing landlords to enjoy guaranteed and consistent monthly income without any stress. Choose PJKAY Properties for simple, reliable and efficient property.

Choose PJKAY Properties for simple, reliable, efficient property management

Meet Paul and Jaydee, the dynamic duo at the heart of PJKAY Properties,

Where property management transforms into a seamless and enjoyable journey. Paul, with his unique blend of architectural and project management expertise, brings a holistic perspective to the table. Jaydee, on the other hand, leverages her strong commercial background, ensuring that every project aligns with both financial viability and strategic growth.

But it doesn't stop there
– beneath their professional expertise lies a commitment to social value that underpins everything they do. At PJKAY Properties, it's not just about managing properties; it's about crafting experiences and fostering a sense of community. Paul and Jaydee don't just exceed expectations; they redefine them, turning the ordinary into extraordinary in the realm of property management.