HMO Management
North West

We specialise in making life easy for Landlords.

At PJKAY Properties we offer high quality HMO services and excellent building management. Our goal is to ensure landlords have a hassle free experience. We take care of everything from finding tenants to property maintenance allowing landlords to enjoy guaranteed and consistent monthly income without any stress. Choose PJKAY Properties for simple, reliable and efficient property.

Choose PJKAY Properties for simple, reliable, efficient property management

You’ve just found your perfect tenants.

How does it work?

no hassle

You rent your property to us for up to five years and let us take care of everything.

guaranteed income

You receive an agreed guaranteed rent every month based on the condition, location and number of bedrooms.

peace of mind

We put our professional tenants into the house. We manage all tenant queries and we pay for any general maintenance costs.


At the end of 5 years you get your property back, usually in better condition, or you can continue to rent to us.


A guaranteed, agreed room refreshed every year to keep your property in the best condition which will only increase your property value.

Sell to us

At any time during the contract we would love to look into purchasing your property if you are interested.

The Best Bit

The best bit; we commit a share of our profits to a local homeless charity because we stand firm in our belief that every individual deserves a roof over their head.